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Originally Posted by KG215
It's funny seeing how rabid so many fans (message board fans) are in their support for Petrino and, to be honest, a little embarrassing. Don't get me wrong, getting him back is probably what I want deep down, but I'm not about to go to some the lengths others are going. Hell, they're having a rally tomorrow night somewhere on campus tomorrow night to show their support for Petrino.

It's really hard to explain to people just how fanatical Arkansas fans truly are unless you've lived in the state for some time. I think outsiders can understand Nebraska and their fans because Nebraska is a lot more historically significant and relevant than Arkansas but, in most Arkansas fans minds, they don't see it that way and the fanaticism does rival that of Nebraskans. And it's state wide. Arkansas State is virtually nonexistent outside of Jonesboro and obviously there's not any pro sports teams in the state. I mean this is the same fan base that pooled money together to fly "Fire Nutt" banners over the stadium during Houston Nutt's last year.

I basically say all of that to say that, while it may seem stupid and crazy to "outsiders" that a lot of Arkansas fans want Petrino back, it would be more shocking to me if we had a majority wanting him fired. I've never been a diehard Razorback fan. On top of my dad and his family having North Carolina ties, Arkansas was more or less irrelevant in everything when I was growing up. So the opinions I'm voicing are pretty mild in comparison to what a lot of Arkansas fans are saying.

You could basically say the same for other Southern schools like Clemson, South Carolina, Mississippi State, etc. Those schools haven't had the sustained success that the Florida's and Alabama's have had so when something special (like Petrino's brief stay) comes they don't want to let go. I guarantee that if Spurrier was caught up in this kind of mess SC fans would have the same kind of irrational, us-against-the-world type mentality.

I lived in SEC country for more than 10 years. Being a head football (or basketball in the case of Kentucky) coach at one of those schools is almost like being the governer of an entire state.
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