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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

Originally Posted by dak121
You could basically say the same for other Southern schools like Clemson, South Carolina, Mississippi State, etc. Those schools haven't had the sustained success that the Florida's and Alabama's have had so when something special (like Petrino's brief stay) comes they don't want to let go. I guarantee that if Spurrier was caught up in this kind of mess SC fans would have the same kind of irrational, us-against-the-world type mentality.

I lived in SEC country for more than 10 years. Being a head football (or basketball in the case of Kentucky) coach at one of those schools is almost like being the governer of an entire state.

I agree, but one thing that separates Arkansas a little bit is that there isn't another school in the state splitting fans. I'd say the state, at the very least, is 95/5 Arkansas fans to Arkansas State fans, if not higher. And of that 5% that are Arkansas State fans, probably half are either Arkansas fans first or split their loyalties between both schools. I'm not saying that means Arkansas fans are necessarily more fanatical or irrational about the football program than other SEC fans but, in this case, it's virtually the entire state.

And interesting you specifically mention South Carolina because that was a topic of discussion around here a few days ago. Arkansas and South Carolina both are schools who tier two or three programs nationally who have shown they can flirt with tier one status from time to time. Basically, we aren't on the same level as Mississippi State Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky in the SEC, but we're not on the same level as Alabama, Florida, LSU, or Georgia either. And, like Arkansas, South Carolina has a recognizable and successful coach, and their fans know that's about as good as they can do coach-wise. If this happened to them with Spurrier being involved, I'd expect the majority of their fans to have the irrational "us against the world" mentality you mentioned.

thing is, if something like this happened at LSU with Saban, or LSU with Miles, then their fans would probably be acting out in manner similar to what you're seeing from Arkansas fans right now, even though both schools could get an elite coach to replace what they currently have. And, if the roles were reversed and this was a different SEC school, Arkansas fans would be sitting back making fun at whoever while also saying how pathetic and ridiculous it would be if the school didn't fire their coach. And that's why I have no problem with other fans making fun of us and saying Petrino should, without a doubt, be fired.
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