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You'd have to assume the Bulls are going to try and take our heads off at home.

We've got Bulls,Bucks,Wizards,Heat,Celtics,Nets,Cavs,Hawks

Bulls,Bucks,Nets,Cavs,Hawks are all away game. Your predictions?

I think we go 4-4 in this stretch. Every team except Miami has a solid pg. AS much as I like Melo when he plays LeBron, the fact that Amare and Lin are out may just be too much to overcome.

Bulls L - I can't imagine us beating them back to back with Thibs coaching.
Bucks W - It'll be a rough one with playoff implications.
Wizards W- This game scares me. They suck but I hope we dont let up.
Heat L - I think Melo kills LeBrick but it ends up not being enough.
Celtics L- Celts are playing too well and Baron cant keep up w/ Rondo
Nets W -Another game that scares me. We SHOULD win this though.
Cavs W- I don't get why we struggle with these guys. We better win!
Altanta L - I think we lose this game because of rebounding.

All in all, if we go 4-4, thats not too bad.
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