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Default Re: Amar'e is out indefinitely with bulging disc in back

JVG is an unbiased basketball expert that calls it as he sees it, and he is right most of the time. He even called Breen out for his bias against Melo, which is something we all should have noticed by now.

Amare under Woodson has been a complete player. I've always though he was overrated because atrocious defense nullified some of his positive attributes (he has the lowest +/- on the team out of our rotation players btw), but now that his pick and roll competence on defense has skyrocketed he has made huge strides. He finally got into a good rhythm on offense too and was our best player for the first few games under Woodson.

I don't think he is bad at all. I just think we need to adjust the rotation to get the most out of our players, to put them in a position to succeed. I also think he is rushing himself back from the injury and I think he will be limited upon his return. I saw what happened in the postseason last year myself.
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