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Default Re: Jason Whitlock speaks the TRUTH!!! (article -- MUST READ)

As a person in the media he can't really be that misinformed, can he? Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton both have continually made efforts to clean up rap music and attack the problem from our own backyard as he put it. When some random ass non- blacks (like this dude on Youtube with a mile long gap in his teeth), make statements like that it's fairly understable, because you figure no way would they know what's going on in terms of the black community because all they have is what biased news sources like Fox News tell them (and they're not going to talk about things like the Hip Hop Summit, or people like Michael Eric Dyson, Tavis Smiler, or hell even Tom Joyner), but for someone like Whitlock who is both African American and a member of the national media to be so uninformed is inexcusable (or of course he's pushing his own agenda).
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