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Default Re: KD and Nick Collison...

Originally Posted by 9512
...are the last 2 players from the team that last played in Seattle when they were still the Sonics.

This is becoming depressing. Almost all of the people from the Seattle days (2008) are almost all gone.

I am going through depressing times with Seattle without a team.

I don't live in Seattle but any1 with news of progress of obtaining a team in Seattle?

Like Killbot stated, some super rich Seattle guy is meeting with political leaders in the Seattle area, with the goal of getting the Sonics back in the NBA!! I have not heard any updates about this news. But if I do, I will post whatever I hear.

Since the Kings got a new deal, the Hornets are the next team that might be moving. But I am like most Seattle Supersonics fans, wishing and hoping that we land a team...soon!!!
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