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Default Re: Quicker on some days then others??

Originally Posted by Pushxx
1. Good meal + water 3 hours before playing
2. Take the best bathroom break possible
3. Warm up
4. Play

I only stretch my legs and arms after I warm up. Otherwise I find stretching just increases injury risk for non-professional athletes.

Also, make sure you are on a solid lifting and cardio schedule to tune your body. That will help your consistency, among the other important benefits.

Also, you may not be bending your knees enough when dribbling all the time. Makes a big difference on your first step.
Solid post. Two things you mentioned I often find to be underrated: 1) Pre-game hydration and 2) Bending one's knees.

To be very honest, there's many times where I don't think much about water until my first game is coming to an end. By then, it's probably too late. There's a dramatic difference between arriving hydrated versus constantly chasing hydration.

The knees are also big for me ... in terms of actually using them. I've definitely had days where I don't warm up intensely enough, resulting in a sluggish start where I get into the habit of playing straight up i.e. not bending my knees enough when I run or dribble. I often like to bike to the basketball court or do lunges prior to activate and remind my body to stay low. The explosion I gain from bending my knees is dramatic. Suddenly I feel like everything is dunkable.
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