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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

The ASP report was finally released today about the main cop who was involved with the motorcycle crash. Since some local media members had spent the last few days releasing Tweets and whatnot about some very damming evidence that would hurt Petrino's case even further, it kind of had fans on pins and needles. Fortunately, for those in the "Keep Petrino" camp, Petrino did not lie to the police, the cop was told about the passenger on the motorcycle, and there's nothing you can really take away from the report that makes this any worse. If anything, there might be some small details that help Petrino's case but you'd have to grasp at some straws more than likely.

What I think was the biggest mistake was letting Petrino have a press conference just a day after being released from the hospital because he was apparently pretty seriously injured and disoriented. And while in the hospital he was more than out of it due to pain medications and whatnot. There was already people pointing out how loopy he seemed during the press conference the day after being released out of the hospital. There's some speculation now that Petrino may not have even been the one to give Jeff Long the information for the initial press release due to the state he was in and it was his family instead. Not saying I buy any of that, but it is being thrown around by some of the overly irrational Petrino supporters.

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