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Default Re: Rose is not immune from criticism...

Originally Posted by dak121
A game like this shows why the Bulls still need another guy that can create for others. Even a hobbled McGrady would've been huge in this kind of game. Just someone that will ease the ballhandling/distributing load for Rose.

When Rose goes into this macho-style hero ball he starts looking like the crappy version of AI. Nothing but turnovers and wild looking shots while looking for a foul call.

Seems like he only gets this amped up by certain matchups. Specifically the Heat, Knicks and Pacers who could all be potential playoff matchups. He needs to calm himself down and get back to being a team player and leader.

Rose isn't Kobe. That type of game is nothing but bad for the Bulls.

Agreed. Rose definitely needs to play smarter. At the same time the Bulls still need a 2 guard to help with scoring. A banged up Rip Hamilton isn't cutting it.
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