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Default Re: Going left or right?

Originally Posted by Jyap9675
Just an update, from past few games my opponents seem to block me going to the right and positioned their body specifically for me to go left. I took what they were giving me drove past left and made buckets/layups.

Thanks for the advice, but taking from all your suggestions I think I am gonna need to learn to be quick in changing directions when defender reads where I am going.

When they want you to go left and angle their body like that there are a few things ou can do.

1. You can post them up and get physical with them and if they are still leaving the left open you can easily spin to that side for the lay-up. If they close off that side as they are making that adjustment you can spin to the right side for the lay-up. Initially the first post up bump and spin to the side they left unguarded will always be easy points.

2. This 1 is my favorite. Dribble the ball with the right hand as you dribble at him cross over to the left and this will usually freeze the defender because you are now going where he wants you to go then immidiently cross back right and his footwork will be all out of place. I love when defenders are angled because the cross over will eat them alive.
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