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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

Originally Posted by dak121
Sounds noble and all, but that's not how the SEC works. If Arkansas fires Petrino they could potentially fall back into Mississippi/Vanderbilt territory. Their AD would be fired within 2 years when the wins go down.

College athletics (at the higher levels for football/basketball) are basically pro leagues with lowly-paid "student-athletes" that do the servant work. Billion-dollar TV deals, 8 figure annual paychecks to schools for just being in a conference, coaches getting paid 3/4 million a year while his starting LB can't even afford a nice pair of sneakers without the help of "others". And those booster "contributions" dry up real fast when the team sucks.

So the AD either deserves to be fired for keeping this scumbag employed, or he deserves to be fired because he can't find anyone else not dripping with rancid douchebaggery that can win enough games to placate the fan base.

Allowing this kind of crap to continue is what perpetuates the disaster that college sports have become.
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