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Clips with a let down in Memphis, Lakers squeak out a win vs tanking Hornets. We are now 1.5 back of the Lakers (2.5 if you consider the tie-breaker) and .5 up on the Grizzlies (1.5 if you consider the tie-breaker). Here's the remaining schedule:

vs Phoenix
@ San Antonio (b2b)
vs Utah
@ New Orleans (b2b)
@ Minnesota
vs New Orleans (b2b)
@ Charlotte
vs Portland (b2b)
vs Cleveland
vs Orlando

Least traveling of the three teams and just two (maybe three if Phoenix/Utah sneak in) playoff teams to face. 6 home games vs 4 road games, 4 back to backs however.

@ Oklahoma City
@ Minnesota (b2b)
vs Golden State
vs Oklahoma City
@ Denver
vs Phoenix (b2b)
@ New Orleans
@ Atlanta
@ New York (b2b)

Clips have four playoff teams (five if Phoenix sneaks in and Denver stays in and two against #1 OKC) and have a ton of traveling to do. 3 back to backs with 3 home games vs 6 on the road.

@ San Antonio
vs Denver
vs Dallas
vs San Antonio
@ Golden State (b2b)
@ San Antonio
vs Oklahoma City
@ Sacramento

Only 1 set of back to back but all teams they face, sans the trips up to Northern California, are playoff teams with 4 of the games being against #1/#2 in the West. 4 home, 4 road games, and the most rest.

It still is possible to overtake the Lakers for the Pacific Division crown, but just as possible to drop to #5.
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