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Default Mark Cuban got pissed off at Lamar Odom before sending him off

Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Despite being down by 11 at halftime of Saturday's game in Memphis, the Dallas Mavericks were enthusiastic about their prospects in the second half.

The players were discussing how happy they were to scrap back into the game after being down 26-6.

That's when owner Mark Cuban glanced over and saw Lamar Odom sitting with an emotionless face.

Cuban had seen that odd face, he said, more than 17 times, and this time he decided to confront Odom.

"Are you in or are you out?" Cuban said he asked Odom. "He said, 'Stop playing games.'

"I said, 'I guess you're out.' If he doesn't want to play poker, we won't play poker. That's what I said."

Cuban didn't understand Odom's lack of enthusiasm, and he knew there was too much at stake to have a player around who he thought wasn't on the same page with the rest of the team.
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