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Default Re: Don Imus gets suspended for racist remarks, what about this guy?

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
sorta like you are now?

dont give me this 'if this happened to black folk' bullsh*t... I'll go back pull out all the times it already has happened to black folks and there was no apology..

F*ck, half the time there wasnt even a trial...

Those boys on the lacrosse team made their own rep as racist pigs who wouldnt be above raping somebody (Emails where they talk about skinning girls alive and their numerous run-ins with the law on top of the people who say they heard these ass holes shouting racial slurs at the women that night..

they'll get their apology from the DA, but Al sharpton and other black folks dont owe them sh*t......They made their beds from the public standpoint

Welcome to the justice system as it works for everyone else ...
By your standards Imus owes those girls nothing because Free Speachis legal and "welcome to the world of free speach" RIGHT? Hows that double standard? You live with it no one will take you serious because they know your idea of equal is only equal for some.
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