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Default Re: Don Imus gets suspended for racist remarks, what about this guy?

Originally Posted by icemanfan
By your standards Imus owes those girls nothing because Free Speachis legal and "welcome to the world of free speach" RIGHT? Hows that double standard? You live with it no one will take you serious because they know your idea of equal is only equal for some.

Imus is only apologizing to save his own ass...... lets get that straight first

He's got a long line of people to apologize to if he is really doing it from his heart.....From jews to women to asians to blacks to any thing else with a pulse...He's insulted them at some time or another...His crass humor caught with him and bit him in his own ass... period.. He made his bed and now its time for him to sleep

Al Sharpton and the people who criticized those kids from Duke were reacting to situation as it was relayed to them by the news and the DA.. Those kids were reported to be a problem born out of their privelidge... Sharpton and others mobilized like they usually do (if you dont like how Sharpton and Jesse attack those types of issues, thats a whole different topic).....They dont owe these guys an apology... The DAs office and the police do.....I think the girl owes them an apology for lying about rape..(Although I still think something wrong happened to her that night)

This aint about free speech so save the mini lecture.....Free speech aint free... look at Imus... His speech is costing him his job....But he cant say he doesnt deserve what is happening to him
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