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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Can you guys judge my jumpshot form and give me some serious criticisms?

I've been trying to fix my jumpshot constantly because every time I thought I was shooting correctly somebody would commentate on how odd my form was. So today I had my friend help me correct my shot. I was out shooting for 3 hours and had my friend tell me when I shot wrong and when I shot correctly (L shaped elbow, arm parallel to ground, but mostly not letting my arm go up too high allowing the ball to go past my head). My initial form earlier in the day looked like Carlos Boozer's form. Even when I am sure that I am not bringing the ball up behind my head, my friend tells me I did it again. It's like a battle with my mind, muscle memory us too hard to readjust, just like eliminating a bad habit.

What I am looking for are not only tips on the form in the video but tips on what I can do to force myself to shoot correctly, such as making sure I do not bring the ball past my head, making sure my arm stays L shaped etc. One more thing that can be seen in my videos are the ways that my right knee when bending them before a shot. A year ago I tried to correct this using the same method I was doing today with my friend, but with someone else. Even after a couple of hours I was still doing the knee thing half the time according to the other guy, but sadly I took a break from basketball and completely forgot about this problem until I watched the video. Is it possible that the way I buckle my knee affects the accurate of my jumpshot? Do you guys have any tips for correcting this? Because last time I tried, even though I tried my absolute hardest, my legs couldn't resist sometimes and did it anyways.

One last thing, here is a video of me shooting a year ago. I want to know if I have made any progress form-wise since then. What are my improvements or decrements since then if any?
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