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Default Re: Rose is not immune from criticism...

Originally Posted by Tenchi Ryu
That's EXACTLY what it was. Its not that they were bad, and played great defense. The problem is that Melo just played BETTER offense. He was having a very hot night, and even our defense was a non issue for him. Making a stand is one thing, but when Melo showed once that he COULD drop the long 3 on our Defense, I wouldn't even chance it, which is what we did, and it hurt us.
Doesn't matter. When your defense is as good as the Bulls, you don't foul unless you absolutely have to. They especially won't foul "in case Melo hits a clutch three". That call would be cowardly, but even more of a showing of a teams lack of confidence in their defense...and the Bulls do not lack any confidence in defense.
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