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Default Re: Last 8 games

vs WAS
vs MIA
vs BOS
@ NJ

vs LAC

Bolded ones are MUST WIN games.
If we can go 2-2 against the Heat,Celtics,Hawks and Clippers (3 of them played at home) we would be 36-30 which means one loss from the Bucks is enough for us to get into the playoffs.

But like I said winning those 4 games against shitty teams is a must.
Losing against any of those four teams would be a huge failure and might cost us a playoff spot.

Let's put it this way:
8-0 - not happening
7-1 - not happening either
6-2 - might happen,it would almost guarantee a playoff spot
5-3 - should happen,would put a lot of pressure on Milwaukee because they would have to go 7-1 to top us.
4-4 - pretty bad but we could still make the playoffs with that record with some luck
3-5 or worse - disaster

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