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Default Re: Devin Harris finally playing really well for Jazz, lately

Addition by subtraction. They have Watson signed and an option on Tinsley. They should be going after Nash and Dragic, maybe Sessions and Lin as well. Might have to be a sign and trade involving Harris or Jefferson or at least one has to be moved to open up the cap space to sign them ideally both.

Nash wants a 3 year deal which I think increases their chances of getting him if they want to pony up the money and the years to make it happen. I think he's worth the risk even at his age. He makes them a serious threat in the west instantly while they groom Marshall, Liliard or Lin to take over. Would be a pleasure to watch him run their offense.

Dragic is arguably a better choice because of his age. If they can't get Nash they need to go after Andre Miller. He still wants to start and that could happen if he comes back to SLC. If not him Tinsley is their guy to team with the youngster they need to start grooming.
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