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Default Re: Top 10 Mcs (back In The Day And Now)

Originally Posted by West-Side
10. Scarface
09. Big Pun
08. Redman
07. GZA
06. Canibus
05. Big L
04. KRS-One
03. Ice Cube
02. Nas
01. Rakim

I will never take a list seriously if they have Ice Cube at 3 and Pac no where in their top 10...I think me and you are the only ones to include Canibus, kinda sad.

I love Pac but I would put him in top 20 list but not top 10. I would put his album, "Me Against The World" in top 10 . Ice Cube is better than Pac cause Cube has better lyricist, and greatest storytelling than Pac. Cube had two classic albums, ( AmeriKKKa Most's Wanted, Death Certificate) and few solid albums(The Predator, Lethal Injection, Laugh Now, Cry Later).

P.S. Ice Cube was in NWA group, he is best of NWA and he wrote for Eazy E, Dre's song. And Straight Outta Compton was classic album. Other rap group again was Westside Connection . Bow Down album was classic too. The fact he was in other group too called, "CIA" before he join NWA.

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