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Default Re: Don Imus got canned

Originally Posted by Sean77
Actually hip hop sales are down 20%, so somebody's getting fed up with the way hip hop has gone.

Sales are down and white people still remain the majority of buyers. The sales being down are due to blacks not supporting the music. Its been spoken on, debated, argued by rappers, hip hop journalists and so forth all asking for more support. Stop downloading, stop bootlegging.

Another part of sales being down could be due to the quality of rap music. Young Jeezy is a prime example of someone who has no skills as an emcee. His lyrical content is redundant and while you can say "See his lyrics are what needs to stop/is what I'm talkin abuot"...Kool G Rap had similar lyrical content as Young Jeezy. The difference? How the lyrics were relayed to my ear. Kool G Rap was an emcee. He could talk about drugs, sex, violence but be creative with it...metaphors, wordplay, storytelling. Skills. Jeezy? Cant. So people dislike the way he relays his lyrical content to the masses.

"Jeezy like to smoke, jeezy like to drank, jeezy uses baking soda with his coke"


And those that portray us on the block get rocked like Amadeus/Fakers get used to shootin targets, soon as the dark hits/Front on the drug market, bodies get rolled up in a carpet/Those that cheat us try to beat us we got hookers with heaters, that'll stray pop and put more shells in your top than Adidas

Nuff yes the music quality in rap today blows ass. No creativity, no originality, bunch of carbon copy rappers doing the same formula. Lack of emcee skills. So thats a reason why music sales are down as well ontop of my previous remarks. Cuz i havent been purchasing CD's like I have in the past. Before i looked forward to Tuesday when albums dropped and often tried to get them before they came out in stores. Now? I dont care.
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