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Default Re: Google Directions from New York to Paris

Originally Posted by jordan23
jokes, this is just some dumb thing on teh
Sure, there are jokes funnier then this. However, if you didn't like this, why turn the "e-thug" switch to "on" and start posting crap? If you don't like something, well....nobody gives a sh!t.

pssh "haha lol google put a lame joke in directions lol i am rolling on teh floor oh oh i wish i was with a female instead of laughing at lame popsicle-stick jokes lol im a n00b"
And this has anything to do with laughing at funerals how?

I know english well enough, I just don't waste my time excercising perfect grammer in each and every post on a message board, and i'm not trying to be funny. Its just funny how you nerds are, well, such nerds.
Says the guy who claims to be an accountant.
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