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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: Can you guys judge my jumpshot form and give me some serious criticisms?

Thanks so much rake! I've applied all of the things you told me to do today along with bringing the ball down before the shot and every single shot felt great! My main goal wasn't just to find a jump shot that worked and harbored immediate impact shooting percentage-wise, because I knew that would not be the case. My goal was to find a consistent shot that just felt right every time I shot it, hit or miss, as long as it felt right, that's all I cared about because I knew that once I found the right shot I had a good foundation laid down. I played 4 1 on 1's today, all against guys that challenged me while I was shooting around with my new form, I did phenomenal. I was making Kobe-esque turnaround jumpers and all kinds of contested shots, just because my shot felt right. I also iced the day off with a 2v2 game in which we won 16-2 with me scoring 8 buckets from well behind the 3-point line. First of all, you were absolutely right about the base being the most important part of a jumpshot. I had a wider base and since the ball started lower, by the time I uncoiled my knees I felt the momentum rising upward until the ball finally left my hand. Not only is my shot smoother and more accurate now, but I also incorporated more legs into my shot, which made my 8 threes that much more easier to shoot. On top of all of that, I was shooting on a really thick rim, it was an outdoor rim that is much thicker than a double rim. Form-wise, I am still finding it hard to shake the catapult motion, and will definitely continue to work on that. I just want to thank you sincerely for these phenomenal tips and dealing with all my side questions, also for actually reading everything I said. I know that there used to be a guy around here, I haven't seen him around in awhile but I know his name was something like Swaggin, you and Swaggin are so helpful and we need more Rake2204's and Swaggin####'s in this world.
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