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Default Re: New Jersey Nets 2011-12 Post game thread

usually when i start to get stoked about dwight joining the nets one day, he goes and says something like this:
Dwight Howard on Thursday again denied that he has asked the Orlando Magic front office to fire Stan Van Gundy this season, as Van Gundy asserted last week. The All-Star center did acknowledge that he has, in the past, made that suggestion when he was “upset” but ultimately return to management and back off that demand.
so, basically, howard is directly implying that orlando mgmt lied to SVG when it told stan that howard had asked for him to be fired. or else that SVG completely fabricated that exchange, which is pretty unlikely if true because it means stan would have been fired the next day as sure as day follows night.

i don't envy being a GM or coach at all.
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