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Default Re: Jason Whitlock speaks the TRUTH!!! (article -- MUST READ)

Originally Posted by GOBB
Yeah grow up...lets disect his post (the irony you claiming someone needs to grow up, guess you were too late to tell Imus and Vendetta that )

Imus is a old white man whose audience is majority white males. He used ignorant comments that was racial and sexist about woman he had no clue about. Turns out thier educational background refutes all the ignorant comments attatched to them. But its ok to once again target woman, call them out thier name for people to sit back and laugh. Same show that has targeted many others in an ignorant way.

A todder gets shot by a stray bullet. I wanna say its sad but kids are dying overseas and in South America as i type. So who cares, is the toddlers loss of life that big of a deal? Heck people die everyday, whats one more.

That my friend is typical of someone who thinks everything can be countered. So because tv/radio have had worst things said on them then Imus comments arent that bad? First give examples, cite things so people can look/read and reference them too. You throw out blank statements for what? Oh do to the typical "I'll counter everything said in here".

Grow the f*ck up? How about you tell Imus that. How about you grow up downplaying the seriousness of it all? What is said on this board is a microscopic view compared to Imus show. Check the demographics, check how many viewers, listeners tune into his show. Its huge...its a reason why major sponsers throw thier commericials on his show. And Imus is a major reason why he has had job secuity since the early 70's because he brings in bigtime rating and bigtime dollars. Only reason he was banned is because those bigtime dollars? People started pulling thier money off the fact some did and others threatened in a "him or us" approach.

Grow up? How many times has Imus right hand man been fired and rehired for his ignorant remarks? How come he never grew up? These are old white men.

R U Serious? Seems not.

Imus is the media...he put himself on blast. No one else.

Same guy who told the board to Grow the F*ck up right? Hilarious.

Now you were saying kid? Since I need to grow up...I'll try too while you attemp to refute what i said about the kid you defended. Take your time.

I heard someone on TV just today say that he hoped the person he was talking to died simply because they disagreed with him.

Where's the outrage over that? Oh that's right, there isn't any.
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