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Default Re: Al Sharpton: "This is not about distroying Imus' career"

Originally Posted by Amigo
No mucho. Pero si te meto un bombazo en la quijada te caes al piso a las millas. East Bronx, the corner of Kruger and Allerton. I'll translate for you. Show you how good my english is.
I'm a heavy wieght. Your little light weight sissy punches won't hurt me. What are you like 5'3" sh*t you have a hard time reaching my jaw. Besides I could be anywhere in the world. What are the odds that I would be somewhere near East Bronx? Your low-risk gamble worked out for you 'cause I'm nowhere near the Bronx. You're a disgrace to the state of New York tough'n it out over the net. I wonder how your amigos would feel about you and your keyboard bangin'? Let's find out. Tell them that you invited some guy from the internet to come to Kruger and Allerton for a fight. Then watch as they look at you sideways.
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