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Originally Posted by knickscity
You know how I feel about, it doesn't matter what the Bucks do.

I've been on that for a while.

It's too much shuffling that may start to go one with the 6-8 spots, and even though I thought the Bucks might get in on that 8th with us at that 7th, I think they might just fold now.

They're letting teams get them rattled late in games, and that's when you're supposed to rise, not fall.
I don't want us to stay at 7th.
I want either 6th or 8th seed,I'm not really happy with facing Miami in the 1st round.

We'll probably make the playoffs but until we mathematically secure it I won't stop looking at the Bucks. Anything can happen.Nobody can guarantee you that Melo or Tyson won't get injured or stuff like that.
Like I said we'll probably make the playoffs but I want to be sure about that before looking ahead.

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