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Originally Posted by Clutch
Yes,they are. I'm confident about that but there's nothing wrong with being cautious. But one injury can screw up everything,that's why I want us to mathematically secure it before starting to celebrate.

We really need to get that 6th seed. I think we should be able to beat the Pacers in a 7 game series but our chances against Miami and Chicago are slim.especially with Lin not being able to play and Amare coming off a back injury.
True, very true.

But to even think about the 6th seed, you can't be thinking about the Bucks as well.

The team is in good hands now, if this was a D'antoni-led squad, I wouldn't be as sure.

They will make the playoffs, I have absolutely no doubts in my mind about that, and most likely aren't finishing 8th.

Get ready for a Knicks-Heat 1st round matchup.

1999 remix.......

Can't wait.
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