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Default Ian Eagle vs the Czar?

First off let me say that I love both of them as commentators. I always though we had one of the best announcing duos in the league because Ian isn't that biased towards the Nets and calls is pretty much down the middle (at least compared to other homer announcers like Boston's Tom Heinsohn or the Blazers god awful announcers). They made watching Nets games fun, which has been a hard thing to do the last couple of season because of the Net's lackluster play.

That being said, I dont know why they started to attack each other during last nights game but it was really awkward and made me cringe watching it. I've been watching (or hearing) Ian Eagle for about 6 years now and we all know he has pretty dry humor. I've definitely seen a few times where Ian and Czar attack each other but definitely in a joking way or in a sarcastic tone so I thought nothing of it. But apparently Ian took it personally and just dropped a bomb on the Czar (which is totally unprofessional). I'm a huge fan of Ian's but that was totally effed up. Especially because it is probably Mike Fratello's last game commentating with us.

Did any of you guys catch this? Its kinda funny but really awkward.
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