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Default Re: sonic fans celebrate: i am the gadfly

Originally Posted by RainierBeachPoet
last night's elimination of the okc thunder made those of us in seattle VERY happy (those of us who still watch the nba). i refer to this club as the okc inbreeders. let me be very clear: this is no knock against the fans-- i despise the owner and his organization; THEY are the "inbreeders"

until we get a team back, it will be my mission to cheer against, mock, jibe, deride, jeer, taunt these inbreeders and continue to keep the sonic memory alive

if you have any memories of the sonics AND like hip hop check out the blue scholars in this mini-movie vid:

if features a seattle sonic legend-- slick watts. for you trivia buffs, slick led the nba in steals and assists in 1975-1976. the vid has a great little anecdote when bill russell coached slick in the mid 70s...

enjoy fellow ishonians!!

Thanks for the link to the vid.

I too enjoy watching the Blunder lose. Just the look on their face of the owners is priceless and gratifying.
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