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Default Re: KD and Nick Collison...

Originally Posted by 9512
me 2... I am psyched about getting a new team...but we gotta steal it though...

But looking back @ the whole Sonics gate fiasco (the doc and the drama itself) points to me that its the people of Seattle ( them sports haters and fiscal moralists) who let the team go...

they were the ones who wrote to the legislature and told them no money for sports stadiums.

the way things shouldve worked out was keepin the Sonics in Seattle but giving bennett the Hornets...with the current situation, it wouldve worked out as the Hornets now have no owners...

The people of Seattle should not be blamed for what has occurred. The combination of the dumb Greg Nickels, dumb Howard Schultz, backstabbing Clay Bennett and that shit Stern all were the main reasons for Seattle leaving.
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