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Default Re: Don Imus gets suspended for racist remarks, what about this guy?

Originally Posted by 0ne50
About the Duke rape thing. First off, that whole thing was reported in bad taste. Media shenanigans is what it was. There was never any video or audio evidence as to what may or may not have happened. The whole thing was thrown out there to get black people riled up against a predominantly white Lacrosse team. At the same time it was thrown out there to get white people to stand behind said predominantly white team accused of the despicable act of rape. A lot of naive folk fell for it. You know who you are. I for one paid very little attention to it. Mainly because, what about all the other rape allegations going on at the same time throughout the country? They are just as important. Me being the stickler for time that I am, I decided not to wasted much of my time even thinking about it. I'm a UNC fan and I hate Duke that's my only connection to the story. I don' hate Duke in such a way that I would celebrate the day that some group of guys that goes to the school is brought up on rape charges. That's low and beneath me.

What do we really know about what happened? Why is there a celebration? Does the outcome of this scandal mean that white is fair and black is bad? The charges were dropped, they are off the hook. It is what it is. Leave it at that. You're a fool if you think this proves that nothing happened. And you are also a fool to think that something did happen.

Now on to Imus. What he did just happened have visual and audible evidence to it. We know he did it.

So keeping things in perspective if my 2 sister came home and one told me that she was raped and the other told me that she was called a nappy headed ho, the rape would take precedent over everything. Raping someone could get you killed or locked up. Calling someone a nappy headed ho could get you beat up or banished. But you all should know that already. Rape is a lot more serious, but we know what Imus did. Falsely accusing someone of rape is a lot more serious, BUT WE KNOW WHAT IMUS DID. But what we do know over what we don't know will always be the case.

What ever happened to free speech? Just because someone says something that hurts doesn't mean that they should be fired or even punished for speaking their mind. I don't agree with what he said, but I think all this talk about firing him is complete crap. He's just living the 1st Amendment. And let me ask you another question: When Al Sharpton said "Get that honkie off the air" why didn't anyone come down on him? because if Imus would've said the N word or anything else about their ethnicity, he'd have been jumped on. If we're going to be completly sensitive and Liberal, and unfair, lets at least be consistant please!
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