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Default Re: Aren't the "Occupy" people basically just giant IRS bitches?

Originally Posted by heyhey
"honest people can see that taxation is theft"
but that is indeed just an opinion.
many people see tax as justified and payments for goods received.

you know what's really ironic. i remember you railing against marx a while back. but those same things you raise up, the alienation of individuals by bourgeois institutions are exactly what Marx critiques in his works. So perhaps you shouldn't write him off. In fact most of what you raise can be traced back to Marx's attacks on liberal traditions, it was him who prominently denounced the delusion of freedom in society. He uses the same type of paradoxical rhetoric you employ as well. You should read marx, you are closer to him than the likes of Locke

Eh, honestly I didn't know enough about Marx to talk about him. That's something I learned really quick from the deservedly harsh replies to my posts on that subject. I'm pretty sure that someday I'll delve into Marx but it just doesn't interest me right now.
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