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Default Re: Ian Eagle vs the Czar?

Originally Posted by MTing
Bill Walton's commentary is legendary . Half the time he talks about something completely random, I found it hilarious. I believe he does Kings games now.
he was an acquired taste. distracting / annoying at first, but once i got used to him he pretty much made the whole broadcast fun and lively. too bad most people didn't feel that way, though, because he did suddenly get yanked.

And I liked Mark Jackson when he was with us, not when he was with ESPN. During his ESPN tenure, he just kept saying his catch phrases over and over to the point of it being annoying.
it wasn't his lame catch phrases that bothered me so much as the fact that he never said anything interesting re: basketball. all of his 'insights' were stuff that a basic bball fan learned ages ago.

i thought fratello was awesome, BTW. a great team-up with marv albert in particular.
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