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Default Re: UK's press conference at 7PM

Originally Posted by EvanW
Whole starting 5 is headed to the draft.

Plus Miller leaving since he was a senior.

Really don't see UK being even close to as good next year.

I think they needed to land Shabazz AND Noel in order to have a chance to repeat. They'll still be good next year, I just think it'll be more like top 15 good and not top 5 good. I'm just not sold on Archie Goodwin being someone you can rely on to take games over on the perimeter as a freshman. I'm also not sold on him as a one-and-done. I do think they'll be a very good defensive team again next year but will also be offensively challenged.

Two of those five (Lamb and Teague) probably would have been better served coming back next year but this is the new age of college basketball so it's not surprising.

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