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Default Re: Jason Whitlock speaks the TRUTH!!! (article -- MUST READ)

ause cosby doesn't do that s hit for publicity

Cosby aint do it for publicity? Are you silly?

Why was a damn TV camera present for all his rants

*Who is Cosby organizing?
*Who is he mobilizing?
*What does he do besides go to black tie functions and make a spectacle of himself for the publicity?
*What march has he led?
*Who does he advocate?
*When has he gone to jail in defense of someone else?

Cosby is just standing in front of a microphone rambling about bullsh*t... He doesnt come out to support anybody when they need help, he just needed to get some stuff off his chest...

when have they ever done anything that wasn't publicized. f uck that. and i'm not getting into an arguement about them, so don't try.

you dont have an arguement kid... you are unarmed

why can't people see that they are just pimping people (kinda like the government)?

i'm sick of the trust put in these "leaders". and not just f ucking jesse jackson and al sharpton. all leaders. i guess i have to name some white ones now or i will be racist. okay- how about every president?

as long as people don't do anything to educate themselves, nothing is going to get better. thing is, a lot of people don't have that opportunity. so tell everyone to go whine about the public education system, which is the real problem in this country. not some old f ucking white guy that looks like father time or something

People arent complaining about the education system in this country?

You cant be serious here....Thats the second or third biggest issue facing this country right now and its all people talk about..

you need to wake up and stop the whining
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