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They begin with Derrick Favors, who has showed enough promise to demand increased playing time. Starting next season, and probably spanning the next decade, the 6-foot- 10 high-flying talent needs to play at least 30 minutes a game.

As the Jazz approach this off-season, recognizing that it could determine the level of the team's success for the next several years, management has got to make it a priority to allow Favors to develop. Any trades or other moves should be made with the 20-year-old's future in mind.

For much of this season, Coach Ty Corbin has seemed reluctant to play Favors at the expense of Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap. It's obvious the second-year coach prefers experience over youth.

But the future can't wait. As solid as the experienced players are, Corbin has to figure out a way for them to complement Favors.

If necessary, Jazz management has to force Corbin's hand. The point is trade Jefferson or Millsap to open more time for Favors.

I realize this seems to be the popular opinion but watching the team it seems obvious the 27 year old Millsap and Hayward are the two guys they need to be building around until the other young guys prove otherwise. Favors has it defensively but he has a long ways to go to pay Jazz ball at the other end. Kanter and Burks look more like Jazz players at the offensive end. I'm all for trading Al to get Favors and Kanter more time though.

As the primary options, Jefferson and Millsap have taken this team has far as they can.

Doesn't mean you trade Millsap.

Bailey lists Hayward as potentially the team's best all-around player.

He and Millsap already are. Burks has the skillset to join them. The mindset remains to be seen...

Hayward might be the most untradeable player.

And Millsap.

Not a bad starting point.

Millsap and G yes.

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