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Default Re: Steve Blake?????

Originally Posted by Eat Like A Bosh
Surprised he was this bad. But Steve Blake might not be as great of shooter as we all think he is.
Fast Forward to 8:30 in this video. And 6:30

Wow......excellent breakdown by Coach Nick, he's on the money!!!
He identified several of the pet peeves I have with our so called offense.....I won't go into that now. (2 man game, cutters etc..)
That was Kobe at his worst, but much of it has to do with having tired legs.
Pau has absolutely no clue how to play defense away from the basket, I have never seen a pro player with worse body positioning than Pau, the video catches this along with his constant mental lapses on defense and lack of hustle, I pointed out in another post that Kobe's bad position and slow movement caused Pau to get posterized by Griffin.

As for Steve Blake, yeah his shooting hand issue is terrible, don't we have a decent shooting coach???? It should be an easy thing to fix.

Blake's Career FG% prior to joining the Lakers .420 and 3pt% .395

This year's FG% .377 and 3pt% .322 so obviously he was a very good shooter prior to joining the Lakers.
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