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Default Re: Steve Blake?????

After going through a tough season, its very difficult to recover from that sort of thing. Only great players recover from a bad season. I cant think of too many who bounce back. Look at Amare on the Knicks. Do you think he will ever be the same after a really disappointing year?

When he first came to this team, people thought it was to be a starter, only to find out that Fisher would start. The system was very difficult to pick up, as Phil has said over and over "it takes two years to completely master it". And even if one does master it, does it necessarily mean all the role players would get into a rhythm? No. The offense is designed for guys like Kobe, Pau, Bynum, and makes other guys have to take advantage of their few opportunities, which was how Phil used it anyways.

Ron Artest was a player who was a great stats player on other teams too. He came to this team, and suddenly his numbers dropped until he finally improved as the season went on, only to have another terrible year right after.

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
its all on mike brown honestly

Yes, because Mike Brown coached the lakers last year too

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
Mike Brown had no balls to develop goudelock/ebanks/hill

Ebanks is playing behind Matt Barnes and Ron Artest, two players who are playing very well at the moment. Jordan Hill is playing behind Andrew Bynum + Pau + McRob. Again, very tough competition. Goudelock is a rookie that has shown some goodness, not greatness, but its not like we lose when he's not in. He'll have his chance next year.
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