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Default Re: UK's press conference at 7PM

Originally Posted by ukfan22
The SEC wasn't a one team show this year.

And if Bennett to UF is such a "done deal" (as some have been saying for weeks), what is he waiting for?

Not saying we'll definitely get him, but he has to see a huge opportunity here. I think he would start over Wiltjer.

To me this guy just wants to see more drama, like Shabazz Muhammad who had long been a UCLA-lock but kept the door seemingly 'open' for Kentucky so the fans can hope and dream. Not sure why kids love to troll with UK and their fanbase, lol. Hes a UF lock, always was and always will be, aint much to discuss here.

Anyway your team will be preseason No.1 again next year, so one down season should not hurt that much. After all, this is not a NIT-caliber team, they are good enough to make sweet16 at worst.
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