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Default Re: Steve Blake?????

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
atleast freaking explain yourself before rolling your eyes like a drama queen

so eBanks can only play sf and he cant play backup sg for 10mins? he was good enough to start at sf but not good enough to be a backup sg and play against scrub sg's for 10mins?

worst thing is Mike brown plays blake at the backup sg and gets humiliated day after day from scrub backup sg's .....S brown had 18pts in 1qtr against him ...

Rush had a career night playing against him.....I am not even talking about Harden/oj mayo torching him in & out.....

what do you mean goudelock will get his chance next year? He was producing when given mins...defensively he was ok....Lakers have WORST Bench in the league and Mike brown should never come out and say I am set on my wake have worst bench in the league

I would gladly explain myself, the only problem is you didn't. Mike Brown, thats all you said. How is he the cause of Blake's failures?

Regarding the bench of the lakers.

The entire bench was emptied out in yesterday's victory over the warriors.

8 full minutes of garbage time, and the lakers bench still could not score a single point. Can you please explain to me exactly how good Goudelock, Ebanks, Morris, Hill, and even mcroberts for them not to score a SINGLE point in those last few minutes? Of Garbage time?
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