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Default Re: Steve Blake?????

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I would gladly explain myself, the only problem is you didn't. Mike Brown, thats all you said. How is he the cause of Blake's failures?

Regarding the bench of the lakers.

The entire bench was emptied out in yesterday's victory over the warriors.

8 full minutes of garbage time, and the lakers bench still could not score a single point. Can you please explain to me exactly how good Goudelock, Ebanks, Morris, Hill, and even mcroberts for them not to score a SINGLE point in those last few minutes? Of Garbage time?

Name one time that these guys have ever been on the court at the same time.......come on.....let's hear it!!!

You put guys on the court who never played together and what do you expect.....this is coaching 101. Obviously Goudelock had no trouble scoring when he played with guys who are in the regular rotation.......I mean, you are watching the game but not THINKING the game.
Somebody....yeah a chick, asked why teams don't just put all 7 footers on the floor at the same time, who could stop them she said
I explained to her, she paused and I knew what was coming out her mouth next, "Why not put all the little fast guys on the floor at the same time"
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