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Default Re: Steve Blake?????

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I would gladly explain myself, the only problem is you didn't. Mike Brown, thats all you said. How is he the cause of Blake's failures?

Regarding the bench of the lakers.

The entire bench was emptied out in yesterday's victory over the warriors.

8 full minutes of garbage time, and the lakers bench still could not score a single point. Can you please explain to me exactly how good Goudelock, Ebanks, Morris, Hill, and even mcroberts for them not to score a SINGLE point in those last few minutes? Of Garbage time?

I am saying if Blake is not performing ...move on use other players on the bench that are producing. You would say but Blake plays good defense while Goudelocks defense is shaky....Thats why i gave you examples of blake getting humiliated by rush and others.....

Mike Brown is scared sh1tless to use rookies over the vets...he has no balls to do so....

you are talking about yesterday? wow 8 full mins of junk??? and you have the nerve to ask why they didnt score 1 point? lol it was worthless time who nobody cared...even if Goudelock would have hit 3-4 3's he wont be getting any mins that matter.....

Against the spurs the lakers were up by 15-18 in SA and Brown still didnt had any balls to play guys like goudelock/ebanks/hill

Mike brown is telling people on why goudelock is not getting any burn...its not like goudelock is scoring 15pts in dumb is that???
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