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Default Re: the "posters around your area" thread

Originally Posted by Howard5Dirk41
B-Low, I would believe that picture is you but I have a few problems.

The guy ive seen in the picture that you say is you, is admittedly a good looking uy that should seem to have enough of a life that he doesnt have to continuely harp on people online, So this is why I will continue to believe your photo is fake, but ethier way, I really dont want to argue with you anymore because I dont have the time.

I just hope you can do the same towards me and put all this childish crap to an end, later.

LOL, not all people who post on here are ugly fat tards
the only reason I come here is because I love watching NBA
and my part time job at school is working as a consultant at computer labs
(infinite amount of time to facebook and ISH)

I just thought that was a pretty funny statement..............
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