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Default Re: Don Imus gets suspended for racist remarks, what about this guy?

I really liked that article..

It hit on a couple of points I make around here daily...

*Just because I call my personal friend a name, doesnt mean you can too

*All this bickering over 'words' is a symptom of the larger problem and we need to treat the problem istead of fighting the symtpoms. The problem is that people in this society dont have the proper respect for one another anymore and as we keep insulting one another, we are destroying our own community.. Its hurting all of us

A lady I know was happy Imus got fired and I cautioned her.. This is not good news... There is a whole segment of people who are upset about this and these people arent gonna just go away or forget about it... We cant just keep silencing the people who step outta line...

We need to re-learn how to treat one another in this society...

We need to re-learn respect for our fellow Americans

Our society is very sick right now.... We are a society of rights and not a society of responsibility.... everyone wants to shout about their rights, but no-one wants to be responsible for the man next to them..

In all honesty, none of this stuff will change if we dont change first

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