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Default Re: Stoudemire will start when he returns, says Woodson

I know some ladies that can catch a normal fro.
I rocked a fro in my JR year of HS. Right before it got long enough to get braided, I had to get it trimmed because I was in my aunt's wedding. talk about PISSED! lol It never was the same. It wouldnt grow long enough on the sides.

As for Melo, he's only the 4 on defense. Trust me. If 4's were guarding him, those 30-40 point nights he's been having would become 50-60 point nights lol Amare really just needs to not be a bum. I don't think we need a huge scoring effort out of him. We just need him to make shots when he's open. More importantly, he needs to play some F-in defense. EVERYONE has played D on this team to the best of their abilities even when their shot is off. He better not dog it. If he can give us 14 points and double digit rebounding every game. I think we'll be fine.
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