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Well, it's official. We're in the playoffs. So I was taking a trip down memory lane and thinking about the Knicks of the 90's. Probably my peak is a Knick fan thus far. I started to think about the epic playoff battles. I also began thinking about how much I liked the jerseys when they didn't have the black stripe in them. Then I began thinking about how much teamwork and comradery those teams had, led by Pat Ewing. Ultimately, I thought of an idea that I thought would be cool. The Knicks should do the all black sneakers thing again for the playoffs. Remember when they started it that one year. I remember seeing them come out for warmups thinkin "Oh $h!t, that's dope! Their about to kick some ass." Don't know if you guys remember, or care for that matter, but I thought it would be a cool idea and it would show solidarity for a team that's obviously got a new identity from the one we began the year with. Here's a pic to help refresh your memories:

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