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Default Re: SAS takes on Ryan Clark

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
at you getting all pissy and taking it personally. My original comment was more tongue and cheek than anything.

thing is, Im not pissy at all.. im just being matter of fact about it...

you seem a little pissy your self because I wont accept your opinion as meaningful in any way..

Yea, my opinion on a public MESSAGE BOARD. Don't be sour that you don't know the personnel and skillsets of individual players.

right,, you said that a few times already.... keep in mind, Im supposed to be the sour one... you seem to be forgetting that... lol

What does being in high school have to do with knowing the climate of the league and who plays in it?

I know the climate of the league... thats where your opinion goes into bullsh*t land..

I just never heard of Ryan Clark sue me...

I know what the steelers are capable of and I understand their scheme and how they attack teams.. I dont see them on a regular basis and it isnt necessary for me to be honed in on Ryan Clark in order for me to know the league...

knowing ryan clark does not = knowing the league

^thats where I call bullsh*t on your opinion

& I mention High school because that was the last time I had enough free time a day to do everything and follow every single player in the NFL... Its just not realistic, and its not necessary for me.

GOBB is 40ish and knows his shit. pt is like 30 or whatever and knows his shit. Lebowski is an adult and ... Doesn't mean ppl don't have a life. Are you insulting people that know the teams and their rosters just becuz you don't? Ryan Clark is a solid veteran starter, not a camp body or depth scrub.

Its not a commentary on Gobb or Lebowski or anyone else... I dont recall mentioning any of those people or insulting anyone...That is your BS opinion at work again

Some ppl just have a major interest in NFL football. It's a passion following the most culturally relevant pro sport in America. I mean even women get hardcore into it these days. A lot of women know who Ryan Clark is

Do alot of women know who Seth Joyner was? Do alot of know Byron Evans was?

WTF?? is that how we judge who knows what? its silly

the point that you fail to understand is that there is more than one way to be a big fan of the game...

I been a fan of the game for alot of years, I dont feel the need to know every guy on every roster.... Maybe if I was into fantasy football or I was person who gambled on sports..... But I dont do any of that... I simply love the game and love the chess matches and rivalries. I pay close daily attention to the NFC and the NFC East specifically. When the Steelers become relevant to the teams I pay close attention to? Then I'll check for Ryan Clark and some of the other guys...

But to say I dont know the game if I dont know Ryan Clark? Thats just dumb and I put my NFL knowledge against anybody else's on this included..
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