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Default Re: Our we too soft?

Originally Posted by Tenchi Ryu
We know the playoffs are coming, and teams are gonna try and test us. The get them back by winning thing is cool, but lets be real. Someone is gonna need to step up and enforce, especially if we have situations similar to last year where Pacers beat the shit outta Rose.

Miami sent the message yesterday that they are willing to play aggressive this year in the ECF, we need to get back at them imo. We can't keep getting beat up, and just taking it, gotta stand up and give a dose of payback.

That's one reason I miss Big Kurt, he had no problem putting someone on their ass if they fukked with anyone on our team. Now I'm not saying we need to go in there swinging, but after a while, we need to send a message we ain't gonna tolerate that shit. I want Asik to start doing work if the time comes. I want some intentional charges, hard fouls, and jumpers where we kick the leg out on purpose.
I totally agree. I'm having a hard time trying to picture someone else do that stuff. Boozer is not really the type, neither is Noah in my opinion. Deng is a nice dude, so is Brewer. The bigs off the bench, Taj and Asik should be the ones to do it, but I can't really envision them as the enforcer type. We do need someone to step up when it's that time.
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