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Default Re: Bill Walker will be waived!!!

Originally Posted by knickscity
They waived the right guy.

Walker was never once a thought to be in the teams future going forward, and has never shown he could be a serviceable player in the NBA.

Fields just never should have changed his shot, but overall he is a decent player.

As much as people like to rip on the kid, I would like to keep him around.

With our cap situation, he won't break the bank, and I would trust he will work on his game.
I was joking about waiving Landry.
I would also keep Landry but only for the minimum. I don't think he's worth any more so that's all he would get from me.
Last year's Landry would be worth more,but not this years "no shot Landry".

He was actually one of my favorite players last year,even at the beginning of this season I was defending the guy.
But I can't defend him any more.
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